Ceiling Mounted Systems - Picture Hanging
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Where Do I Start?
Picture Hanging Systems for the home

For the Home

Quality, elegance and simplicity for every wall in every room. Read More »

Picture Hanging Systems - Museums Galleries

Museums & galleries

A classic and functional way to display works of art. Read More »

Picture Hanging Systems - Offices and Conference Rooms

Offices and Conference Rooms

Sleek and professional, this is the perfect solution for business. Read More »

Picture Hanging Innovative Systems

STAS is the world’s most innovative manufacturer of high-quality picture hanging systems. Founded in 1995, STAS is perfectly aligned with the growing needs of a modern market. Express shipping also available, email or call us at (805) 691-9047 for rates.

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Where Do I Start?
Where do I start?

Whether you're an architect, interior designer, business owner or a mom looking for an easy way to hang your photographs, we have the right system for you.

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About Shades Picture Hanging Systems

Providing simple, flexible elegant solutions in wall decorations that make life easier and last for generations. We want to help smart people making intelligent choices about every aspect of their wall decor, that is our passion. Every wall in every building is our goal. For Express Shipping, email info@staspicturehanging.com or call (805) 691-9047 for rates.

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