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Are the rails only for hanging picture frames or can I also hang whiteboards, clocks or mirrors?

Our hanging systems can also be used to hang whiteboards, clocks, mirrors and other items and decorations. You can hang any product with a hook, provided that you keep in mind the maximum allowed weight capacity. For hanging objects we recommend the STAS zipper pro hook, it has a security latch that will keep your object securely fastened to the hook so it won't fall off if accidentally bumped.

Can I cut the rails to size?

Yes, the rails are made of aluminum and can be easily to cut to size using a hacksaw or miter saw

Can I hang multiple pictures on one cord?

Yes, you can use multiple STAS smartspring hooks or STAS zipper hooks on a single cord or cable. Just make sure the maximum allowed weight is not exceeded. Also keep the maximum weight capacity of the selected rail system in mind.

Can I remove the rails once installed?

Yes, the best way to remove cliprail type rails from their mounting clips is to use a screwdriver. Put a piece of cloth around the screwdriver to prevent damaging the rail. Place the screwdriver at the bottom of the beginning of the track, between the rail and the wall. Then, carefully move the screwdriver up so that the end of the rail is loosened from the mounting clips. At this point you can gently loosen the rail by hand.

Can the perlon cord or steel cable be cut to size?

The perlon cord can be cut but not the steel cable as the ends would fray. However, for both we recommend rolling up the extra cord and tucking it away behind your artwork: this will keep your cords intact and the length flexible. Cutting the perlon cord improperly may make it difficult to slide the picture hanging hook onto the cord so caution is needed.

Can the rails be painted?

Yes, just lightly sand them with fine sandpaper and make sure the rails is clean, dust and grease free. Next, paint the rail with acrylic paint. For painting, we recommend the white rail as the white will serve as a primer once lightly sanded.

Help! My rail isn't snapping into place.

Our cliprail type rails are manufactured to fit snugly onto the mounting clips to ensure strength and stability. At times, it can be somewhat difficult to snap them onto your wall when installing, especially when the rail is located above the shoulders where you will have less strength to snap it onto the clips. If you are having difficulty, first ensure that the mounting clips have all been installed in a straight line and adjust their position if any are misaligned. Take a rubber mallet, cover it with a clean cloth and apply a light tap to the rail at the point of contact with the round clip/screw assembly until it snaps into place. Start this process somewhere in the middle of the rail and work your way to both ends until all the clips are securely snapped into place.

Where should I drill the holes to install my track?

There are several ways to approach your installation and no way is better than any other. You need to select the method that best fits your ability and your circumstances.

If your ceilings are not level

As much as we trust our contractors/builders, creating a perfectly level ceiling can be near impossible. When your circumstances are uneven ceilings we recommend installing your rail 1/2 to 1 inch from the lowest point of your ceiling. The Drilling Template will show you the actual distance based on the rail that you purchased. Once that point of reference is marked then use a chalkline with a level to mark that part of the wall where the rail will be installed.

For level ceilings (more or less!)

The process for level ceilings is less complicated as our drilling template will provide a fast and accurate way to mark your wall at the recommended height leaving a very small space between the rail and ceiling. Click here for your template, print at 100% (do not reduce the print size in your printer page setup) and following the instructions on the template. You can also find the drilling template on our website under Documentation > Mounting Instructions > Drilling Template.

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