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STAS End Cap for Paper Grip
STAS End Cap for Paper Grip
Our Price: $0.80

The STAS paper grip end caps close the paper grip rail extremities. Use one for every rail end. Choose your color- available in white, gray and black.

Product includes one paper grip end cap.
Paper Grip Hook
Paper Grip Hook
Our Price: $2.90

Clip these hooks these onto your STAS Paper Grip to easily hang any looped small items such as keys, a baseball cap or lightweight jacket. Choose your color- available in white, gray and black.

Product includes one paper grip hook.
STAS Paper Grip
STAS Paper Grip
Our Price: $12.50

With the STAS Paper Grip, you can insert papers, photos or posters into the bottom, and place small flat objects such as postcards onto the top. The bottom has a strip that will lock and hold your papers and other thin, lightweight objects (up to up to 1/8" thick); and the top has a groove which will hold other thin, rigid items made of cardstock such as photos or greeting cards. One rail, two uses.

The paper grips are available in a variety of colors: white, textured white, textured gray, textured black and come in 19 11/16" (50 cm), 39 3/8" (100 cm), 59" (150 cm), or 78 3/4" (200 cm) and can easily be extended with the addition of our brass rail connector (product RD40200, sold separately). They can be installed with our mounting clips (product RD40100, sold separately), magnetic tape or double-sided tape.

Product includes one STAS Paper Grip; installation hardware, rail connectors and end caps sold separately.
STAS Paper Grip Kit
STAS Paper Grip Kit with Papergrip rail, installation hardware, color coordinated end caps and utility hook
Our Price: $19.90

STAS Paper Grip Kit- perfect for use as a message board, school art display, restaurant ticket holder; keep your shopping list and keys/apron handy in your kitchen or display your kids’ drawings...
Multirail Dimmable Adapter - 100W
Multirail Dimmable Driver - 100W with output cable
Our Price: $99.80


Multirail adapter for use with all Multirail systems. Each adapter comes with a 118" (300 cm) connector cord with the patented Stas rail connector plug, which will be needed to connect the adapter to your Stas Multirail. The adapter's input is a 4" 90-305V 5amp power cord. The dimming capability is 0-10V (10-100%), dimmer NOT included.
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